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Low Water Peak Single Mode Optical Fiber

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Mercury's LWPF is designed to provide improved performance across the full wavelength region form 1265 to 1625nm. Mercury's LWPF fully meets ITU-T G.652 and is available for use in loose tube cable, ribbon and other cable designs. Mercury use ultra-pure materials based on silica, so this optical fiber has excellent optical and mechanical performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Low attenuation at 1383nm for full utilization from 1265 to 1625nm
  • Low transmission loss and great repeater spacing
  • Outstanding geometrical properties for low splice loss
  • Minimum bending loss at operation wavelength region
  • Mechanically strippable coating for easy field application
  • Compatible with any commercial optical devices

Fiber Construction

Optical Characteristics

Items Specifications
Attenuation 1310nm ≤0.34 dB/km
1383nm ≤0.31 dB/km
1550nm ≤0.21 dB/km
1625nm ≤0.22 dB/km
Dispersion 1285~1330nm ≤3.2 ps/
1550nm ≤18 ps/
PMD Individual Fiber ≤0.20 ps/√km
Link Value ≤0.10 ps/√km
Zero Dispersion Wavelength 1300 ~ 1320nm
Zero Dispersion Slope ≤0.092 ps/
Cutoff Wavelength Fiber 1150 ~ 1330nm
  Cable ≤1260nm

Geometric Characteristics

Items Specifications
Mode Field Diameter 1310nm 9.2 ±0.4um
Cladding Diameter 125 ±0.9um
Cladding Non-Circularity ≤0.9%
Core/Clad Concentricity Error ≤0.7um
Coating Diameter 243 ±7um

Mechanical Characteristics

Items Specifications
Proof Test Level ≥100 kpsi(0.7GN/m2)
Coating Strip Force 1.3 ~ 8.9N(Nom. 3N)
Tensile Strength(gauge 0.5m) ≥550 kpsi(3.8GN/m2)
Dynamic & Static Fatigue ≥20

Environmental Characteristics

Test Method Test Condition Induced Loss 1310nm Induced Loss 1550nm
Temperature Dependence -60°C ~ +85°C ≤0.05 dB/km ≤0.05 dB/km
Temperature Humidity Cycling -10°C ~ +85°C / RH 95% ≤0.05 dB/km ≤0.05 dB/km

Typical Performance Characteristics

Characteristics Typical Value
Effective Group Index 1310nm 1.467
1550nm 1.468
Refractive Index Difference 0.34%
Zero Dispersion Wavelength 1313nm
Zero Dispersion Slope 0.086 ps/
Dispersion at 1550nm 16.5 ps/